Do you need advice for building facilities?

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Building Facilities act as parts of human body system and improper performance of any imposes irreparable damages and costs. Therefore choosing the right system and installation items in order to conserve energy and avoid losses is necessary to implement the building and construction which this principle only obtained with expertise, experience and knowledge. For this reason and in order to accompany and effective advice to clients in this regard Keshishi Trading Company provides advisory services by its experts and experienced engineers whose details are as follows:

Types of consultation

  • Advice in order to determine the type of system (Water supply, sewage, cooling-heating, air conditioning, mechanical installations and equipment…)
  • Consulting standardization and improvement of quality in Design and drafting installations
  • Advice on how conclude standard contracts between the employer and enforcement
  • Consultations on the selection of qualified producers, contractors and executives
  • Consultations and estimates for the items required in mega-projects

Why Keshishi Trading Company?

  1. Keshishi trading and Distribution company has started its activities in 1350 with the aim to satisfy all the stakeholders including customers, shareholders, employees and suppliers in the procurement and distribution valves , gas – water accessories and mechanical installations.
  2.  Consultations on this company carried out by full consideration of your needs and qualified and professional personnel.
  3.  If you wish it is possible to continue advice and guide our dear customers step by step at all stages of their work to achieve the end result.

Taking advantage of the advice of professionals and experts, means not to repeat other errors by you

Consulting Price

The cost of these services is 80,000 Rs per 30 minute in-person or by telephone which is payable through the following account, in the absence of satisfactory deposit will be returned.

Account number : 0105816820007

Card Number : 6037991816131415

Named: Varouzh Keshishi

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